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Games of 2016 – Blood and Wine

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Last year, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt earned the distinction of becoming my favorite game of all time. I spent months on the main game as well as the first expansion, Hearts of Stone. In May of 2016, the final expansion, Blood and Wine, was released. So that means I get to add The Witcher to my list of games for this year as well. Yay me.

Blood and Wine takes Geralt to an entirely new region, Toussaint, which is famous for its wine. As you might surmise, this new region is a lot like Italy or the south of France. The main focus of this expansion is on a beast that is terrorizing the countryside. Turns out, as the wine may have suggested, vampires are involved. Over the next 20 hours or so, I was fighting in new areas against new monsters and it was glorious.

While it took a little time for me to really dig back in to the world of the Witcher, I have to say I really enjoyed this expansion. There are a few twists and turns that took place I couldn’t see coming (and I would spoil if I told you about), but the region of Toussaint was bright and cheery, which was a nice departure from the main game’s swampy dirt.

Now that I’ve finished the game entirely, I’ve decided to start completely over. I’ve begun a new playthough recently, and it’s been fun to retread the worn roads and patch of the base game again. It, along with both expansions, reaffirms just how good this game is and why it’s my favorite game of all time.

November 30, 2016