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Yo Joe!

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I’ve been milling over the idea of getting my GI Joe figures back in shape. The rubber o-rings that hold them together have decayed/snapped on many of them, so they are either way too loose to display, or they are in three pieces hanging out at the bottom of the storage tub I keep them in. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them after I get them back together, of course, but at least they will be fresh and ready or action.

September 5, 2019

Yo-Kai Models

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I finally got around to putting the Shurakoma Yo-Kai Watch model kit together a couple of weekends ago. It was fun to revisit that part of my life: model building. Aside from the random kit I may have put together over the years, or the Warhammer 40K minis I started messing with a couple of years ago, I haven’t really messed with model kits since I was in high school.

These Yo-Kai kits are snap-together, which I wasn’t too sure of before putting Shurakoma together. It was actually a great build though. They really thought about how all of the pieces should go together, and aside from a few random loose accessories, the overall form is pretty rock solid.

I’ve since ordered a few more kits from the store in LA. All of them have been great builds, just like Shurakoma was. Now I want even more. Until the new wave of standard Yo-Kai toys hit shelves this year, these little model kits fill the void I have for collecting more Yo-Kai Watch stuff.


April 13, 2016

Flashession: Update

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My collection has grown in just a few short weeks! My parents brought up my old Super Powers Flash still on the card (though pretty banged up), and I bought a few off ebay since Springcon. I think I’m pretty much done for a while at this point, though I’m always looking when I’m out and about.

June 7, 2013


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Springcon! I spent Saturday morning over in St. Paul on the state fairgrounds attending an old fashioned comic book convention. I used to go to comic conventions fairly regularly in high school, but I barely remember anything about them, sadly. This was my first Springcon though, and after a rainy start, it turned out to be pretty awesome.

Getting over to St. Paul was pretty rough. I wanted to get there as early as I could without having to stand in a ginormous line, so I left my place around 9:30 to pick up cash, get gas, and grab a breakfast burrito at Qdoba. The rough part? It was storming like crazy. I could barely see the highway at times, but luckily it started to taper off the closer I got to the fairgrounds.

Now that I have a significant source of income, I knew the idea of going to a con this big could be really dangerous, financially speaking. I decided early on that I would only take a solid $100 in cash. It was $12 to get in, so I was left with $88 to play with. Within the first 10-15 minutes of walking around, I had already dropped $60. What did I buy? Check it out:

I found three new Flash figures! My main focus for this trip was definitely on the Flash. I was pretty stoked to find all three of these figures, and all at the same vendor. They were reasonably priced for their age and collectibility, so I didn’t feel bad whatsoever about spending so much so early.

With action figures out of the way, I focused my attention on comics. There were several issues I needed to fill in gaps here and there, so I spent my remaining time walking from vendor to vender, specifically to their Flash section.

The issues I was hunting down were newer, so I struck out most places. The majority of vendors only carried the older Flash numbers, the Silver Age issues. That didn’t deter me though, and I eventually made a nice little haul from two or three vendors:

Within about an hour I had all of my allowance spent, so I didn’t stick around. The crowd kept growing, and maneuvering in to flip through boxes was getting more difficult, so I had no problems getting the hell out of there once my money was spent. The rain was down to a trickle by that time, so leaving the fairgrounds and driving home was easy peasy.

All in all, Springcon was a success for me. I stuck to my allotted budget, though the idea of using the atm did enter my mind once or twice. I found a few new action figures that were reasonably priced, and I managed to fill in several gaps with the small stack of comics I picked out of the rough. I’m definitely looking forward to Fallcon now.

May 20, 2013


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I’ve been trying to clean up and organize my place in anticipation of my parents heading up here in less then two weeks. I quickly realized I had no real place to put all of my Flash figures, so I had to move the Ninja Turtles to the book shelf so these guys would have somewhere to go. There are two more that are currently missing from this photo. One is at work, while the other is… somewhere. I can’t remember off the top of my head.

May 13, 2013