Space Exploration

Space Colony Art from the 1970s

I love this kind of stuff, but it saddens me to think we’re nowhere near this level of advancement in space exploration. It’s also somewhat sad our leaders are not inspiring us to reach for something like this anymore. Three space colony summer studies were conducted at NASA Ames in the 1970s. A number of artistic renderings of the concepts were made. These have been scanned and are available here


I’ve been following the exploits of SpaceX for a while now, and I like what I’m seeing. Their latest Dragon capsule just docked with the ISS this morning. It’s pretty awesome to know there’s a secondary solution in place right now while NASA gets their new launch program up and running. It’s also encouraging knowing the Dragon capsule could eventually transport astronauts. They have 11 more resupply mission on contract,

First on the Moon

I was quite saddened to hear Neil Armstrong passed away last weekend. While I obviously wasn’t around for the first moon landing in 1969, I still became fascinated with the exploits of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins in my own time. I first got into space exploration around fourth or fifth grade (maybe sooner, maybe later). I would check books out of the library and have my dad photocopy page after

NYC Enterprise

Shuttles Discovery and Enterprise have been moving around the last week or so. Discovery left KSC for the Smithsonian where Enterprise used to live. Enterprise is heading to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. (link)