Well, fall is here…

It must be fall because I’m back into basketball. I’ve always said my life is cyclical, which is why I never liked getting rid of anything. While I would love to follow the Wolves again, the Pacers are shown locally, so no NBA League Pass will need to be purchased. To step back a second, this all started when we went to Minnesota last month to see Phil Collins. One

Tour 3 – Update

As I mentioned in my last post, The former Tour 3 site has apparently been bought and is currently undergoing redevelopment. This bums me out to no end. I stopped by the site on my way home from M’s yesterday so I could see if they saved any part of the water hole. Sadly, it’s been completely erased. They have uniformly built up the area along the road and just

Tour 3 – Update!

I stopped by Tour 3 a couple of weeks ago to hopefully get better shots of the water hole. I forgot there was a drainage ditch along the road, so I wasn’t able to get super close without damaging my shoes. I’ll have to take that into account next time I go. I really want to try and get right up to the edge of the water at some point.

Tour 3 – Update!

I finally took the turn and drove down past Tour 3 yesterday. I had forgotten how close to the road the island hole was. I was able to get a couple of adequate shots of it from my window, one of which is above (with super nice cloud cover). I really should have gotten out and taken some from the edge of the road, but I’ll do that next time

Tour 3

I spent almost an entire summer about nine years ago playing golf. My buddy and I (and friends) would play all over the St. Louis and St. Charles area. It was pretty awesome most of the time, but I was not so good and had almost no form. One of the places we played a few times was called Tour 3. It was a par-3 course set up to replicate