Deutschland 83

I was browsing Instagram last weekend and came across a post about a new series on the Sundance channel called Deutschland 83. I don’t have the Sundance channel, so I had to buy the season pass on amazon, which after watching a couple of episodes, I do not regret at all. “A gripping coming-of-age story and spy thriller set in Germany in the ‘80s.” So far, it’s been a great

My Grandparents Farm

No, not my grandparents farm. I stumbled upon this amazing photo gallery of a farmhouse in Germany. View the photos here.

The German Countryside

This is probably one of the more epic shots of the German countryside I took while on our way to Salzburg. It’s amazing to me that villages like this exist. Sure, I’ve seen and been through small towns in the US, and they are impressive. This kind of thing though, living at the foot of the Bavarian alps, is a wonder I thought I’d never get to see. If you’ve