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Minimalism: The Wrong Way


Minimalist poster design has become all the rage these days, to the point where the bad far outweigh the good. While I really do commend those who get it right, those who don’t are easier to spot and criticize for their glaring inaccuracies.

This ALIEN poster stands out to me as a complete miss. While the colors and general composition are fine, it’s the details that really bug me. To list:

  • The fachugger should really be higher up on, and cover the majority of the face. In ALIEN, the facehugger that wrapped itself over Kane’s face covered it pretty much entirely. (pic)
  • The facehugger’s tail should be completely wrapped around the neck like a noose. When they tried to cut it off in the movie, the tail constricted around the neck even tighter. (pic)
  • I was going to point out the egg shape not being accurate, but forgot the movie poster for ALIEN featured a standard egg shape, so that’s a pass. (pic)
  • The chestburster in the egg is modeled on the Queen alien, probably based on the ALIEN 3 poster. (pic)
  • Technically the chestburster shouldn’t even be in the egg. The facehugger spawns from the egg, but I get what he was trying to do there in terms of composition.
  • Finally, just an aside, the bubbles near each shoulder bug the crap out of me.

Yes, I am totally nitpicking here. However, dude is selling these for 25 pounds (about $40) each. Shouldn’t they be as accurate as possible, especially when it’s a minimalist poster where every little detail is on display? It really makes me wonder if he did any real research on ALIEN at all, or if he just threw this together as a test maybe, then decided it was good enough to try and sell.

Honestly, if it wasn’t ALIEN, and I didn’t know so much about the movie, I’d probably think nothing of the points above. I know, shut up and do it yourself, right? Maybe I will, just to get it right in my head at the very least.

And to show I’m not a total dick, ripping his work to shreds, here’s his site. Go buy it or one of his many other prints. Some of them are pretty good.

May 18, 2012