Pop Culture

I Have Arrived!

My buddy Adam asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to be on the podcast he and his friend Peter produce, NerdGeekDork. The subject this time around was Robocop, so there was no was I was going to turn him down. We taped the episode last Wednesday night and it premiered this afternoon. In all the years I was on the radio, I still have an awkwardness

Babylon 5

I’ve been having an itch to watch Babylon 5 again. The only thing that’s stopped me so far has been the length. The show ran for five seasons and each season had something like 22 episodes. So it’s a major time investment to delve back into that world. Well, I finally succumbed last weekend. I decided to start with season two this time. The first season is important for establishing

Smart D&D

I haven’t played it in years, but this is a pretty smart defense of D&D and role playing games in general.