Project 475

Power Man #24

Wow, Power Man (Luke Cage, Power Man – full title) pretty much encapsulates the 70s more than any other issue in Project 475. In today’s terms, it could quite possibly be borderline blacksploitation in comic form. That said, since I wasn’t really “aware” in the 70s and can only look at things via what has come after, I can’t really say how Power Man was originally received. All I know

Project 475 update!

Here are the Project 475 issues I found on Friday. Both the Thor and Doctor Strange are pretty much reading copies. They are both fairly beat up, but were priced at three dollars each. I’d maybe like to find better copies at some point, but with several issues still ramianing to be found, I can wait for that. The Howard the Duck issue isn’t actually an April 1975 issue. It

Daredevil #120

Daredevil number 120 is next up in Project 475. This issue sees DD and the Black Widow face off against agents of HYRDA, including El Jaguar. I like Daredevil, though he never fully grabbed my interest. I believe I have a few of his books from the late 80s maybe, but he never made my upper tier of super heros. Synopsis from the Marvel Database: When Matt Murdock goes to

The project so far

Project 475 rolls on! I went back to the Source yesterday to try and find a few more of the titles I added since going there last weekend. I managed to find four new titles from my list. Super happy about that. They actually had Adventure Comics 438 too, but it was priced a little too high for my needs. A few of the issues do command higher prices, so

The Indestructible Hulk #6

So apparently the comic gods have taken to my recent Project 475 idea. Not only did they grace my life with the aforementioned Thor #354 ten years after my birth, but they’ve also slapped me into the present by having Walt Simonson return to drawing not just Thor, but the Hulk as well. Annnnd, the first issue of his run on The Indestructible Hulk began with number six, the APRIL