Down in the Valley

Down in the Valley 9×12 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I’ve had this panel outlined since March. It’s one of my favorite images, one I plan to paint again at a much larger size. Overall, I like how this one came out, especially when viewed in person.

Water Lillies

Water Lillies 8×8 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I started this one a couple of months ago when I was in my Monet phase. I finally got around to touching it up tonight. I like it in general. My only real issue with it is the foliage at the top. I’m still learning how to capture reflections on water.

Mountain Barn

Mountain Barn 8×10 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I’m pretty satisfied with how this one turned out. I’m still working on my basics, but I’m learning a lot more every day. Now that it’s cooler, I’m hoping I can actually get outside and paint en plein air.

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

For the last fourteen years, I’ve had a tiny nag in the back of my head. It would always flare up whenever I entered an art museum. It was the feeling I had left something unfinished when I decided not to continue on with a Master’s degree in art history. It was always my intent, but life just didn’t go that way for me. I spent most of this summer

Paul Sandby

Paul Sandby was an English map-maker turned landscape painter in watercolors, who, along with his older brother Thomas, became one of the founding members of the Royal Academy in 1768. I had never heard of Sandby up until a few weeks ago when I came across one of his landscapes online. I was surprised to find it was a watercolor. From my experience, watercolor isn’t used for detail. Then again,