Picking up the (digital) brush again

I spent a good part of the weekend getting back to the book. This is a revised first page, which will now be split into two pages, as opposed to being on two-page spread. I managed to get four pages done this weekend, with another four pages sketched out and ready for coloring. My hope is to have at least a third of it completed before December 1, with a

Progress Update

Now for a brief update on the book for everyone: The Girl With the Atomic Sneezes is moving right along. I had to spend a bit of time last weekend reformatting the size, but everything is back on track and I’m chipping away at it a couple of hours most nights. I’m setting a loose deadline with myself to have everything wrapped up by the end of October. I feel

The Girl With The Atomic Sneezes

About a month ago, M emailed me a copy of her picture book, The Girl With The Atomic Sneezes in hopes that I would take a stab at illustrating it. It was a scary thought. I was never very good at drawing from scratch. Copying, yes. From scratch, no. The prospect of jumping into illustration was incredibly intimidating, but I’m glad I did. Above is the first page of my

New Work – Illustration

This is Ox. He’s a little rough around the edges right now, but I hope to get him looking good over the next few months as I continue this recent illustration obsession I’ve been on. I haven’t mentioned anything on here about said illustration obsession yet, but I will. All in due time, people.