Down in the Valley

Down in the Valley 9×12 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I’ve had this panel outlined since March. It’s one of my favorite images, one I plan to paint again at a much larger size. Overall, I like how this one came out, especially when viewed in person.

Water Lillies

Water Lillies 8×8 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I started this one a couple of months ago when I was in my Monet phase. I finally got around to touching it up tonight. I like it in general. My only real issue with it is the foliage at the top. I’m still learning how to capture reflections on water.

Mountain Barn

Mountain Barn 8×10 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I’m pretty satisfied with how this one turned out. I’m still working on my basics, but I’m learning a lot more every day. Now that it’s cooler, I’m hoping I can actually get outside and paint en plein air.

En plein air

The weather is turning quickly here in Missouri, so I need to take advantage of the warm days when they come, even if they are extremely blustery. Last Thursday was one such day. I had luckily managed to fill in the final two pieces of my oil plein air kit a few days before nice weather popped up, so when I saw warm temperatures in the forecast, I was ready

En plein air

Plein air painting! I took my makeshift acrylic cigar box setup to Florida in hopes of spending some time trying out the plein air lifestyle. I’m happy to report it went rather well! M and I went out to Caladesi island on Sunday to enjoy an afternoon of sun and surf. When I wasn’t in the water, I was in my beach chair, painting the scene laid out before me.