Not Dead Yet

M and I were in Minneapolis last weekend to see Phil Collins at Target Center. Tickets went on sale while we were on our honeymoon, so I had been preparing for this show for over five months. I’m happy to say Phil did not disappoint. Without sounding too melodramatic, this show was a near religious experience. I was a little irritated before the show started. I’m getting crotchety in my

January Musings

Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa Hubert Robert (France, Paris, 1733-1808) France, circa 1770 Oil on canvas I was lucky enough to get out to San Jose and Los Angeles last weekend for a quick visit with a friend. It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it. While I was in LA, we stopped by LACMA so I could see my favorite painting, Stair and

Up in the trees

M and I were out in the San Jose/San Fransisco area last weekend visiting a friend. While I typically stick to populated areas of consumerism on my travels, this time I wanted to get out into a nature area or two to see if I could find inspiration for future paintings (which, again, is the subject of a future post). We took a trip out to Henry Cowell Redwoods State

LA cliff notes

That’s me in front of Hubert Robert’s, Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa at LACMA last month. It’s an impressive work, and I was not expecting to be quite so big. I turned the corner and BAM!, there it was. It was definitely one of my favorite pieces I saw at LACMA that day. So what’s new? Nothing much. LA was great despite all of my

The German Countryside

This is probably one of the more epic shots of the German countryside I took while on our way to Salzburg. It’s amazing to me that villages like this exist. Sure, I’ve seen and been through small towns in the US, and they are impressive. This kind of thing though, living at the foot of the Bavarian alps, is a wonder I thought I’d never get to see. If you’ve