At the Gates of Loyang

At the Gates of Loyang is one of my favorite games with a solo component. I’ve never actually played it at any other player count, and that’s perfectly fine with me. Uwe Rosenberg does a fantastic job of integrating solo mechanics in a lot of his games, and I’ve found At the Gates of Loyang’s solo game to be extremely satisfying. At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar

Our play through of the game library continues with Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar. I bought Tzolk’in roughly around the time it was released in 2012, so we’re looking at six-plus years without a single play. Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar presents a new game mechanism: dynamic worker placement. Players representing different Mayan tribes place their workers on giant connected gears, and as the gears rotate they take the workers to different action

Snow Gaming

We were snowed in for the majority of the weekend, so we decided to spend a lot of our time working through our game library. I’ve been collecting games for roughly ten years and I’m not proud to admit I haven’t actually played a good majority of them. Turns out, this was the perfect time to break some of them out. Megaland – A nice and easy press your luck

Flamme Rouge

Flamme Rouge was on the top of “must buy” list for the longest time. Like a lot of games, it had come out in Europe months before an American publisher picked it up. Retraining myself from picking up a European copy was difficult, but I’m happy to say Flamme Rouge has finally been released in the US by Stronghold Games. Flamme Rouge is a race game with a cycling theme.

Game Night(s)!

I managed to play quite a few games while M and I were in Madison last weekend visiting one of her sisters. I’m also ultra lucky to be joining an extended family who loves playing board games. It gives me hope I’ll finally be able to play all the games that have been sitting on my shelves for years. For last weekend, I brought a few, bought a couple while