Records that Shaped Me

Metallica …And Justice for All, 1988 Probably the most influential record in my life, Metallica’s …And Justice for All leads off this (hopefully) recurring new segment on Retrotigo. I don’t remember much about how my love and interest in Metallica initially began, but I can remember an intense desire to want to hear them. The Eye Of The Beholder cassette single was my first introduction to the band. Growing up,

Not Dead Yet

M and I were in Minneapolis last weekend to see Phil Collins at Target Center. Tickets went on sale while we were on our honeymoon, so I had been preparing for this show for over five months. I’m happy to say Phil did not disappoint. Without sounding too melodramatic, this show was a near religious experience. I was a little irritated before the show started. I’m getting crotchety in my

All Them Witches

I like browsing Google Play Music these days for new music. One of my latest finds is All Them Witches. They’re a little too stoner psychedelic at times, but I’m liking their overall sound on this record.

February Musings

Wandering Star I’m in a bit of aimless state this month. Painting has left my immediate headspace. I’m not playing many board games. I’m not really focused on much of anything other than the wedding and my buddy moving back to the area. I know big things are on the horizon, so maybe my brain is just waiting for those things to come. The next few months are going to

And now…Genesis

I suppose it had to come to this: I’m now into Genesis. I know, I know. My obsessions get the better of me. Like Phil Collins though, there is a lot of fantastic material I’ve been missing out on since I was a kid. Right now, I’m focusing on Duke (1980), Abacab (1981), and Genesis (1983). These three records are pretty much my go-tos when I want to listen to