International Tabletop Birthday

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This year, International Tabletop Day fell on my birthday. I was pretty stoked, because all I really wanted to do on my birthday was play games anyway. A couple of my local Instagram friends were heading to the Source for the day, so I decided that was where I’d go to start the day. I played five games that morning/afternoon, and had a great time, even if some of the games weren’t my normal fare.

Five Tribes – I played Five Tribes a few months ago and liked it, but wasn’t in love with it. I played it again on Saturday and immediately loved it. Chalk it up to poor rules explantation the first time, I guess. I played two games of it. I came in second after the first play (4-players) and last in the second game (3-players). To be fair, the second game was over much sooner than it had any right to be, so my long-term strategy was never able to pan out.

Dead of Winter – Ugh, zombies. Aside from some of the old Romero zombie films, I’m pretty much anti-zombie in any form. I didn’t see any other games I wanted to play however, so I decided to stick it out and play Dead of Winter. It turned out to be pretty fun, which is why I always say I’ll play any game at least once. It’s a co-op game where things can go from bad to worse extremely fast. I don’t think I’d buy it, but I would definitely play it again.

Sheriff of Nottingham – Having nothing really to do with Robin Hood, Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing game where you’re trying to get a number of goods through the checkpoint and into market. The Sheriff is there to determine wether or not you’re trying to smuggle in contraband. He can search any number of player pouches. If he catches you, you have to pay him the fee for the goods not matching what you said was in the pouch, and you don’t get to keep the contraband. If you were telling the truth, he has to pay you an amount determined by the cost of how many goods you had in the pouch. Sheriff of Nottingham is a party game, one where it’s definitely better to have the majority of players. It’s not a game I would usually go for, but I really enjoyed it. I think I’ll be picking this one up for game nights with the guys from work.

Camel Up! – Camel Up! is a fun little betting game where you move camels around the track and try and determine which colors will eventually come in first and last, respectively. The catch is that as camels move, they are placed on top of each other, and one color can move an entire stack. Basically, the odds are never clear until the very last camel gets to move. Camel Up! is another game I like playing, but I probably wouldn’t buy.

I also played a couple of games later Saturday night with a buddy from work. All in all, it was pretty good birthday and a pretty great weekend overall.

April 13, 2015
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