More Like a Justice League

Justice League

I’ve always considered myself to be a Marvel guy, even though The Flash is probably my favorite hero. Marvel had the grittiness that I felt DC lacked, especially growing up. Marvel had all the mutants in the various X books, and they had the Thunder God himself, Thor. I always felt DC was too clean, too good. All their heroes wore capes and spandex, while everyone at Marvel wore ammunition belts and dusters.

Over the last few years however, especially when I get into The Flash hardcore two summers ago, I’ve found myself gravitating toward the DC aesthetic more than Marvel. While there are still a few Marvel titles I follow (namely Moon Knight), my interest in the DC universe is growing. I’ve been reading through the recent New 52 version of Justice League, and I just got a stack of single hero graphic novels with the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. These are books I never would have considered reading growing up. That’s not entirely true. I did dabble in a few DC titles here and there in the past, but Marvel was by far my publisher.

My most recent interest is Cyborg. He’s a character I had zero interest in up until a few weeks ago. In reading the Justice League book however, I’ve become more attached the character. I’m super excited for his solo book coming in late July.

I don’t know when the lines truly crossed for me, but I’m enjoying catching up on the mountain of back catalog for the DC universe. It’s been nice to spend time reading comics like this spring, like I did a couple of years ago with The Flash. I just hope DC doesn’t let me down by prematurely canceling titles like they’re known to do.