The Return of Wally


In news that would probably only interest me, DC’s recent Rebirth storyline has brought Wally West back into continuity. After reading his entire run as the Flash a few years ago, I was pretty bummed when the New 52 erased him from the mythos. Now he’s back, and I almost cried when I read Rebirth number one.

The entire issue revolves around Wally trying to break out of the Speed Force to primarily warn the other heroes that something is coming that will affect everything they know. The problem is, no one remembers Wally when he pops in and out of the Speed Force. It takes an impassioned, though resigned, plea to Barry to finally make someone remember him. As a Flash obsessive, these few pages were exceptionally emotional. I wouldn’t say I shed real tears, but it certainly got misty for a few minutes.

Now I’m excited for what’s to come. I’m excited to have Wally back, even if it’s as a part of the Titans series. I’m excited to see how he gets his life back, how he gets Linda (his wife) back. Yes, I’m excited.