Sketches of Hubert Robert

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I recently found out the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is hosting the same Hubert Robert exhibit the Louvre just had up a few months ago. This excites me to no end. If M and I can work out a weekend to go, we may take a quick trip to DC to see it. If anything, there are now exhibition materials in english I can buy, which I did just a few minutes ago.

The first item I bought is Robert in Rome: A Roman Sketchbook. Since I’m currently interested in both Robert and pen and ink drawing/doodling, I thought this would be a good first purchase. I can always get prints and an exhibition catalog later, especially if we do wind up going. I’m extremely interested to see what’s contained within these sketchbooks. Judging by some of the exhibition preview images, it looks like Robert was just as good at sketching as he was painting.


June 30, 2016
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