Flamme Rouge

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Flamme Rouge

Flamme Rouge was on the top of “must buy” list for the longest time. Like a lot of games, it had come out in Europe months before an American publisher picked it up. Retraining myself from picking up a European copy was difficult, but I’m happy to say Flamme Rouge has finally been released in the US by Stronghold Games.

Flamme Rouge is a race game with a cycling theme. Score! Each round, you play a movement card for each of your two riders. One, a Sprinteur, has both super high value cards and super low value cards. This is obviously meant to simulate the bursts of speed sprinters are know for. Your other rider, the Rouleur, has average value cards, so he’s meant to keep up with the pack.

After cards and riders have been moved, you calculate fatigue and slipstream, adding fatigue cards to your deck or moving lagging riders up closer to the pack. Thematically, it’s brilliant and makes total sense. The tracks can be configured different every race, which adds to the replay value. There are even track segments meant to simulate steep inclines and declines.

So far, I’ve only played one 2-player learning game with M. It took us roughly half the game to really start seeing how the movement cards were truly meant to be played. All too often we’d have to play the high number sprint cards to get the Sprinteur caught back up with the pack, which is kinda the reverse of what the Sprinteur should be used for. That said, once it clicked, we both really liked it. As a 2-player game I think it’s okay, but we both think it would really sing with the full four players.

I was extremely excited when I started seeing pictures of Flamme Rouge pop up on Instagram. I immediately knew I was going to buy it when it eventually came out over here, and I’m so happy it turned out to be a great game, even after just one play.

Flamme Rouge

August 29, 2017
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