Tour 3

Tour 3

I spent almost an entire summer about nine years ago playing golf. My buddy and I (and friends) would play all over the St. Louis and St. Charles area. It was pretty awesome most of the time, but I was not so good and had almost no form.

One of the places we played a few times was called Tour 3. It was a par-3 course set up to replicate many of the famous holes from around the world. One of the nice things about Tour 3 was it was open until midnight or something crazy like that. One of the not so nice things about it was all of the mosquitoes and bugs that would swarm the area while we were playing. It wasn’t the best of locations.

Fast forward to this summer. I take highway 370 to get to and from M’s parents house. The exit I take leads me past what looks like an ordinary corn field with a house in the middle. When I started taking that route to get to her house, I had a crazy feeling I had been that way before. It didn’t take long to get me thinking I had played golf around there and maybe that house was actually the old clubhouse. I don’t know why I had thought the course would still be active. Like I said, it was a terrible location. From what I could find, it actually closed the year after we played there.

Back and forth, back and forth I’d go. Every time I’d pass the location, my eyes and mind wandered. Most people know I love abandoned structures, but a golf course? I find it utterly fascinating though, to drive past a place I once played golf (several times) and see it as a ordinary corn field. Was the water hazard still there? Where were the exact boundaries? Every time I drive by I swear I’m going to pull down the road that leads to the clubhouse to check it out. I never do, but I hope to one day.

I don’t why this plot of land captures my imagination every time I pass by it. I suppose it’s like I said: I played golf in the middle of those corn fields. I can still see the structure of the course from Google maps. They didn’t tear out or fill the water hazard and I think one of the sand traps is still there. Maybe one day I will stop by there and check things out. I’ll probably be one of the few people who have since it closed.