Tour 3 – Update!

Tour 3

I finally took the turn and drove down past Tour 3 yesterday. I had forgotten how close to the road the island hole was. I was able to get a couple of adequate shots of it from my window, one of which is above (with super nice cloud cover). I really should have gotten out and taken some from the edge of the road, but I’ll do that next time I’m in better light.

I will say I was extremely surprised by what I saw. The entire putting surface has been reclaimed by tree height foliage. This was a surface manicured on a daily(?) basis to support rolling golf balls. I expected tall grass sure, but not tree height bushes. It could be that steps were taken after they closed to return the land to a natural setting, but I highly doubt it. The wooden supports around the green are still in place and all of the buildings still stand (though look pretty dismal today). This is what can happen when nature takes its course over nine years.

As you can see, I’m still highly taken with this area. I saw a for sale sign in the field as I was pulling up. A part of me hopes it doesn’t get bought so I can see the area in different seasons. Maybe I’ll try to get out there and paint it at some point this fall.