En plein air


The weather is turning quickly here in Missouri, so I need to take advantage of the warm days when they come, even if they are extremely blustery. Last Thursday was one such day. I had luckily managed to fill in the final two pieces of my oil plein air kit a few days before nice weather popped up, so when I saw warm temperatures in the forecast, I was ready to take advantage.

I quickly made my way to Lakeside 370 after work. I was hoping to paint two panels, but the wind and dying light weren’t cooperating. That said, I did stick it out to finish one panel, which turned out okay.


I had my suspicions the finished picture was going to turn out darker than I had anticipated, and I was right. I had also forgotten how “wet” oils are. I’ve been painting with acrylics so far, so when I went to paint an element like the clouds, it was a bit of an eye opener in terms of application and blending.

Though the wind and dwindling light definitely hampered my first oil plein air experience, I was happy I got out to paint with my new setup. My plan is to keep painting smaller panels indoors over the winter so I can get used to the process and refine my technique before spring. We do have a few nice days in the forecast ahead. I hope I can get out a couple more times before the winter chill sets in.