January Musings

Hubert Robert

Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa
Hubert Robert (France, Paris, 1733-1808)
France, circa 1770
Oil on canvas

I was lucky enough to get out to San Jose and Los Angeles last weekend for a quick visit with a friend. It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it.

While I was in LA, we stopped by LACMA so I could see my favorite painting, Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa by Hubert Robert. I honestly never thought I’d ever see it again in person. I will admit to feeling a little emotional when walking into the room where it hangs. I don’t know how anyone’s breath can’t be taken away when they’re confronted by it. LACMA did a good job in placing it. I would never have expected a painting so large to be in the room it’s in. It’s also the first thing you see when you turn into the room, so the majesty of it is only intensified.

Idle Hands…
We’re already over halfway through January! M and I have been extremely busy since the new year began. While it’s been great when counting down the days till the wedding, I think we’re both looking forward to a little breathing room in the next few weeks. Hopefully we’ll get caught up on some of the stuff we’ve been missing as of late (Goldbergs! Brooklyn 99!).

I just finished a four week oil painting class and while it wasn’t what I was expecting in terms of instruction, I did enjoy the studio time and pointers I picked up here and there. I like the fluidity of oil, but I wonder if I’m just better suited to acrylics. I’ve been able to establish something of a style in acrylics, while my oil work looks flat and smudgy, if that makes sense. I know there’s a steeper learning curve with oils, so I’ll keep working.

Let’s Talk About the Weather
Probably my least favorite thing going on right now, the weather in Saint Louis has been ludicrous. I was really looking forward to a nice, mild, winter after spending seven years up north. We’ve had some beautiful days here and there, but it’s been much too cold for much too long. I’m becoming desperate for spring and everything it entails. Only a couple of months to go!

I’m Hungry
I’ve been really trying to limit my caloric intake since 2018 began. It’s been hard because we’ve been busy, but I’ve managed to chip away at weight loss. I’ve also started using a step workout program, taking 5-10 here and there throughout the day to get my heart going. I’m hoping January is the setup, February is the ramp up, and March is the power through to April. I’ll be happy with wherever I end up on the Big Day if I can put in the effort consistently over the next two months. The only downside is my diet, so I find I’m hungry a lot, which makes me a bit more irritable then I usually am, lol.