February Musings


Wandering Star
I’m in a bit of aimless state this month. Painting has left my immediate headspace. I’m not playing many board games. I’m not really focused on much of anything other than the wedding and my buddy moving back to the area. I know big things are on the horizon, so maybe my brain is just waiting for those things to come. The next few months are going to be excitingly crazy, and this may just be the calm before the storm.

Getting in gear
While my personal interests have cooled, I’ve been focused on trying to get this weight off of me. I still suck at giving in to comfort (fast) food, but I’m snacking less and walking more. I’ve seen a steady decrease in weight since January, so I’m pleased in general with how I’m progressing. Now that we’re on the back end of winter, I’ve been able to get out around the neighborhood more. My goal is at least 8,000 steps a day.

Record shopping
Stepping inside Euclid Records last month really sparked a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. I’m mostly entirely digital when it comes to buying and listening to music, so there hasn’t been much need to step inside a physical record store. Now that I have, I want more. I’ve had a tradition of record shopping on my birthday for about 20 years now. While I don’t always do it religiously on my actual birth day, I think this year I’ll make a trip down to Record Exchange. I’d also like to get a turntable up and running in the house.

Tour 3 update
Well, the worst has happened: the former site of Tour 3 is currently under development. Of course it is. It’s been dormant (or farmed) for the last nine years, but I get interested in it and it gets bought for some boring warehouse complex (I think). I was really hoping to get there in spring to get a few close up shots of the water hole, but the water hole is completely gone now. At least I have pictures from last fall to work from.