Tour 3 – Update

Tour 3

As I mentioned in my last post, The former Tour 3 site has apparently been bought and is currently undergoing redevelopment. This bums me out to no end.

I stopped by the site on my way home from M’s yesterday so I could see if they saved any part of the water hole. Sadly, it’s been completely erased. They have uniformly built up the area along the road and just behind me (to the right in this photo) there are job site trailers set up.

It bums me out I didn’t have a chance to see the site in spring. I really wanted to get out there and take some photos in the field as the leaves were coming back. My initial obsession has definitely waned over the winter, so it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Knowing something like a warehouse is probably going in there irks me a bit regardless. Such is progress, I guess.

I’m glad I got out to take pictures when I did. Even looking at the blown out ones I took yesterday present some interesting angles and compositions. If anything, the pictures I have may just serve as inspiration for other projects in the future. I’m still planning to paint the water hole. It’ll just have to be from reference photos now.