Dungeons and Dragons


A couple of friends are introducing their daughters to D&D and I’m joining them for the ride. Last week we made characters (badly), and this weekend we’re supposed to start an adventure. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun, as this group can get quite rowdy and unfocused without much provocation.

It’s been interesting dipping back into D&D. I haven’t played since I was fresh out of high school and these same friends were still in high school. My world is cyclical. The rules have changed quite a bit since I last held a Player’s Handbook, or maybe I just never read the rules all that closely to begin with. In any event, there are some hardcore childhood memories being dug up right now. Makes me kind of sad I haven’t kept up with the system over the years, but games like Shadowrun and the Witcher have filled the RPG void not playing D&D has left. Let’s hope this becomes a somewhat regular thing.