Snow Gaming

board games

We were snowed in for the majority of the weekend, so we decided to spend a lot of our time working through our game library. I’ve been collecting games for roughly ten years and I’m not proud to admit I haven’t actually played a good majority of them. Turns out, this was the perfect time to break some of them out.

Megaland – A nice and easy press your luck style game with elements of engine building. Decide how far you want to go into the dungeon and escape with treasure you can then turn in to build up your city (and potentially provide ongoing bonuses). M and I both liked it, though I felt it was a little too quick to get to the ultimate goal of 20 coins. My only negative is the city building aspect reminds me a little too much of Machi Koro at first glance, a game I really dislike. Initial verdict: This will be a good starter game for the evening.

Haleakala – I was drawn to Haleakala because of the cover art and that it was two player. Miniature Market had several copies on their dent and ding shelves, so I got it for a steal (and it was completely un-dent and dinged). Haleakala is more of an abstract game. You move around the island placing totems and picking up assorted island goods. Twice the volcano will erupt and potentially knock those totems down. Both M and I loved Haleakala, though I was a little mad at myself for missing a couple of rules during the game. Initial verdict:This one will be going into out regular rotation for sure.

Stone Age – I’ve actually played Stone Age before, though it was via a mobile app several years ago. I’ve owned the physical copy forever, but have never managed to get it to the table. Stone Age is a “classic” worker placement game. Place workers on the board and take those actions where they’re at. Once some piece or token runs out, the game ends. I really like Stone Age, but having played other worker placement games in the years since its release, I feel like it’s a somewhat dated (basic) experience for me today. That said, I definitely want to play it more, especially at least once with the expansion that came out for it. Initial verdict: Fun, but may need a little coercing to play.

Africana – I went through a pretty heavy Michael Schacht phase many years ago, and Africana was one of the games I picked up during that time. Another game I’ve never played, Africana with two is just okay. At the heart of it, it’s a game about completing routes, kind of like Ticket to Ride. With two players, there wasn’t much tension to complete routes in the quickest way possible. I liked that it could be seen as an alternative to TTR though, mainly because I know a lot of people who still covet TTR, while I’ve soured on it. Initial verdict: Kind of meh at two players, but we want to play it with the full four before deciding if we want to keep it in the collection.