It’s About Time

Spartan X

I’ve been waiting upwards of 20 years for this day to come. In those 20 years, I would dig for any sort of scrap I could find to let me know he was still writing, or even still alive. He was extremely elusive, very private. This morning my literary world changed.

Christopher Hinz has finally written a new novel.

I’ve written about my love affair with Hinz’s work with the Paratwa saga several times in the past (all since lost). To this day, Liege-Killer remains my favorite science fiction book of all time. It may even be my favorite book of all time, period. The concepts and ideas presented in the Paratwa series are incredibly rich and vibrant. So great are these concepts and ideas, I struggle to find anyone who can match the brain feeling I get when I read any of the Paratwa books (Liege-Killer, Ask Ock and The Paratwa).

Hinz also bestowed us with Anachronisms, which is his take on an ALIEN style story. It’s technically his first book, though it was published after Liege-Killer.

He tried his hand at writing for comics. I have them all, save for the Blade series. I picked up any nugget of writing I could find.

Now I have 358 pages of brand new content in the form of Spartan X.

A shapeshifting alien — code name Spartan — reaches Earth with dire plans for civilization. Corbet Tomms, a freespirited loner troubled by psychic visions, is recruited by a secret agency to hunt down the creature. With the help of his no-nonsense FBI handler, Aggie Rittenhouse, Corbet tracks the murderous alien. But he soon realizes that Spartan is at the heart of his most terrifying vision, one that portends global disaster. Spartan must be found before it activates a freakish weapon that will forever alter what it means to be human.

I know I sound like a crazy fanboy here, but you honestly have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this day. I always hoped he would get back into writing longform stories again.

And not only do I have Spartan X, but there is also a graphic novel adaptation/reimagining of Liege-Killer on its way called Binary, which feature a new short story set in the Paratwa universe.

All three of the Paratwa series can now be found in ebook format for those interested. His blog mentions Anachronisms should be available in ebook format at some point soon too. I plan to download Spartan X as soon as I get home and spend the next several days devouring it.

I am a very happy camper indeed.