The Black Eagles

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The Black Eagles

Way back in the early 80s, there was a little bookstore in a small indoor mall by my house. I’d go in there mainly to look at the comic books while my mom shopped at the craft store across the hall or when we’d eat at the pizza place next door. I remember it being a pretty poorly lit, cramped store. The comic books were up front, so I rarely ever went deep into it. I think there was even an adult section toward the back too.

Anyway, one of things I remember most about the bookstore was browsing the paperback section and seeing the series The Black Eagles by John Lansing. What little boy wouldn’t be attracted to the skulls that adorned every cover? My cousin and I quickly became a fan of the series, though I know he read more of them than I ever did.

If memory serves, the Black Eagles told the story of a rough and tumble suicide squad of misfits and hard heads who blasted their way through Vietnam Rambo style. Completely 80s and completely over the top. Don’t quote me on that though.

The point is, every so often those covers pop in my head for whatever reason and I spend the next day wracking my brain trying to remember what the series was called. I always remember it having to do with “lost” or “suicide” squads or platoons so it figures I’d never find them given they’re actually called The Black Eagles. I had to write to my cousin this morning and ask him if he remembered. Sure enough, he knew both series title and the author.

So now I’m searching for them and quickly realizing they are fairly hard to find. Amazon seems to offer the majority of them from various sellers, but there’s next to nothing on the net about either the series or John Lansing. I suppose you could attribute it to the spirit of 80s oversaturation. I’ll have to pick one or two of them up, see if they really are that ode to 80s action I remember them being.

January 25, 2013
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