International Tabletop Birthday

This year, International Tabletop Day fell on my birthday. I was pretty stoked, because all I really wanted to do on my birthday was play games anyway. A couple of my local Instagram friends were heading to the Source for the day, so I decided that was where I’d go to start the day. I played five games that morning/afternoon, and had a great time, even if some of the

There’s a rule for that

This is totally a First World problem, but I have developed a huge pet peeve concerning game nights. This pet peeve involves people who suggest playing games they brought, only to find out they don’t know the rules for said game. In most cases they’ve either played the game via someone else and then bought their own copy, or they’ve skimmed the rules shortly before they arrived. It irritates me

The Witcher Adventure Game

One of the few board games I’ve been looking forward to is The Witcher Adventure Game. It’s based on the Witcher license, which I became obsessed with earlier this year. In this game, you travel from city to city in order to gain enough clues to finish objectives. Along the way, you have to fight monsters and resolve “foul fate” cards, which basically hamper your progress. In an unexpected surprise,

Everything is cyclical

My recent addiction to Death Angel has pushed me over the edge into the realm of Warhammer 40k miniatures again. I had been on the fence about starting up again. Games Workshop stuff isn’t cheap, and I’d be spending a lot of money just to get set up again. Well, last Sunday saw me diving off the deep end once again, as I picked up a Tactical Squad of Space

Death Angel: The Card Game

I’m always looking for good solo games. A couple of years aso when I was getting back into board gaming, I found out about Death Angel. The majority of the reviews claimed it was the solo gaming experience. Given it takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, I was pretty much sold. I picked it up one night at a random game night I went to (and had a horrible