It’s About Time

I’ve been waiting upwards of 20 years for this day to come. In those 20 years, I would dig for any sort of scrap I could find to let me know he was still writing, or even still alive. He was extremely elusive, very private. This morning my literary world changed. Christopher Hinz has finally written a new novel. I’ve written about my love affair with Hinz’s work with the

Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick is probably my favorite science fiction writer of all time. The amount of work he put out during his life is staggering. A lot of the ideas he presented in both his short stories and his full length novels can be even more staggering to comprehend. It’s no wonder why he’s probably the one sci-fi author Hollywood has picked from the most. I do prefer his earlier

Böll & McGraw-Hill

I spent the good majority of last summer absorbing and devouring a good chunk of Heinrich Böll’s work. As a result, he quickly rose to become my favorite “classic” German author (post WWII). While I was seeking out his past work in both used book stores around the Cities and on sites like ebay, I quickly started coming across older editions published in the 60s and 70s by McGraw-Hill here