2019: Get in Shape

Enough is enough. If I’m going to be able to keep up with the growth of a child, I’m going to need to get in shape. I’ve created enough excuses over the years to not work out. Now I have a concrete reason to focus on my health so I can be an effective father in any situation. Tomorrow I’m checking out the community center over in Maryland Heights. I’m

2019: Pacers Game

One of the things I’d like to accomplish in 2019 is attend a Pacers game in Indianapolis. I’m trying to finalize which weekend I’d like to go at the moment. The opponent doesn’t matter so much. They weather is more of a concern than that. Hopefully I will have solid plans in place by January 1. Yes, I’m still very much into basketball. I know, it surprised me too.

Records that Shaped Me

Metallica …And Justice for All, 1988 Probably the most influential record in my life, Metallica’s …And Justice for All leads off this (hopefully) recurring new segment on Retrotigo. I don’t remember much about how my love and interest in Metallica initially began, but I can remember an intense desire to want to hear them. The Eye Of The Beholder cassette single was my first introduction to the band. Growing up,

Well, fall is here…

It must be fall because I’m back into basketball. I’ve always said my life is cyclical, which is why I never liked getting rid of anything. While I would love to follow the Wolves again, the Pacers are shown locally, so no NBA League Pass will need to be purchased. To step back a second, this all started when we went to Minnesota last month to see Phil Collins. One

Down in the Valley

Down in the Valley 9×12 Oil on panel Studio from photo reference I’ve had this panel outlined since March. It’s one of my favorite images, one I plan to paint again at a much larger size. Overall, I like how this one came out, especially when viewed in person.