THM 2015

Here’s a poster design I did for The HailMarys. They are returning to active duty this April. I wish I could fly home for the show, but I doubt I’ll be able. Hopefully someone records it.

In Memoriam: Disquiet Design

It’s no secret that my passion for design has waned over the last 10 years. Well, not really for design in general, but definitely for personal design. The job keeps me pretty much beaten down, so my desire to come home after work and sit on the computer to work on personal stuff lost its luster years ago. So I’m letting go. It wasn’t as hard a decision as

Minimalism: The Wrong Way

Minimalist poster design has become all the rage these days, to the point where the bad far outweigh the good. While I really do commend those who get it right, those who don’t are easier to spot and criticize for their glaring inaccuracies. This ALIEN poster stands out to me as a complete miss. While the colors and general composition are fine, it’s the details that really bug me. To